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The script

The bus drives by.

Maya and the sister foot steps

Maya: Are you okay, we have to walk home from here.

Sister: Okay, let’s go

Cracking sound

Maya stop walking and ask the questions

Maya: did you hear some thing?

Sister: (laughing) That was I.

Maya: (laughing) stupid girl. I was so scared for a second

Maya sister stop walking. Maya sister look back and notice an old women walking behind them.

Maya: What’s wrong, why did you stop.

Sister: Nothing, don’t worry lets’ go

Maya: Okay, hold my hand if you want

Maya and her sister held each other hands

A whisper: Maya

A whisper: Maayaa

Sister: Did you hear that?

Maya: Hear what?

Sister: Stop joking around, did you just call your name?

Maya: Why would I do that, I am not childish

Sister: Okay sorry, did you hear someone call your name?

Maya: No, maybe you are just hearing things (Pause)

Are you sure you are all right?

Sister: Yes, I am ok

Maya: Come on then we are nearly home.

A whisper: Maayaa

A whisper: Oh Maayaa, its time

Sister thought: I don’t think Maya can hear what I hear I am so scared

The sister looked back and the old lady was gone then she looked to her side and Maya was gone

Sister: Maya, Maya, Maya (shouting)

Sister: stop playing, I am sorry I nearly scared you, come out please, you are scarring me.

Tears running down the sister face

It was silence and empty

The only thing she saw was her shadow

After a while she starting walking home alone starring down at her shadow

Maya: I love you and I am always with you.

Sister: Maya, Maya is that you. Where are you, please come out.

Silence, everywhere was empty

Sister: I am probably hearing things. Just one more stop and I am nearly home.

As soon as the sister walks by the last bus stop her surroundings changes. Becomes dark and scary

Suddenly she started hearing footsteps and saw another shadow beside her shadow

Sister thoughts: Oh my GOD. There is someone behind me, is it that old women, I don’t think so the shadow looks like a man shadow.

I will walk slower so the person can walk by me, then I will be behind the person.

As the sister started to slow down the foot steps became louder and louder

Sister: Screams

She looks back and no one was there

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Creative Development: The song.


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Ancillary Creative Development -Empire Magazine


Ancillary Double Page Spread based on Little White Lies.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 21.16.20

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 21.16.32

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 21.16.53

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 21.17.11

file:///Aziezatt%20Salisu/what%20is%20beauty%3F/Magazine%20LWLM.html—COPY THE LINK AND PASTE ON THE WEB.

This link will take you straight to the to some pages I created, something smiler to little white lies formate. It will also allow to interact with the magazine allowing to flip the pages.